UT News article #1

Developments in the course of the project

During the run of the ECHE project, Estonia received a piece of good news directly related to the topic of cultural heritage. Tartu, a city in Southern Estonia where the national University of Tartu, a project partner, is based, won the privilege to become the European Capital of Culture in 2024. According to the official website of the City of Tartu, the theme of Tartu 2024 will be “The Art of Survival” – surviving both in the context of climate change and various environmental challenges of the future, but also – as a small but rich in heritage European city. “Arts of Survival” is meant to express the power of the arts in affecting Europe’s future in three larger areas of life: environmentally friendly culture with a focus on real human communication, strong communities and essential skills for living and, indeed, survival in the coming years”, – as is communicated by the Tartu city government.