Multiplier Event in Paphos

The Multiplier Event “Lets be the Architect of our Life” for ECHE Erasmus+ project (2018-2-CY02-KA205-001313) has successfully taken place in Pafos on 11/4/21.

The event was held to disseminate the results and innovative tools of the ECHE project, among youth, youth workers, local authorities, municipality counselor, stakeholders, teachers, volunteers, mentors, local media, representatives of local tourism industry and youth organizations based in Pafos. Participants have been invited to actively contribute by involving themselves in a constructive dialogue.

The Cultural Journey started at the Archeological Museum of Pafos with a guided tour. It was followed by the event in “kola pente” in the center of Pafos.

During the event, CCIF Cyprus presented the Intellectual Outputs “Be the architect of your life” to support ECHEntepreneurship, “ECHE Mob App”, to reach a large number of users and “ECHE Policy Paper” to share generated knowledge from the project practice and to make it available to policy makers.

The participants had the opportunity to play the game that facilitates a learning experience how to become CH entrepreneur, to access useful information through the mobile app about the skills need in the labour market and to learn about the networking that Policy Paper created. Participants were asked to download the app and play the game.

The feedback collected by CCIF Cyprus after the mutiplier event was very positive. The participants found themselves engaged with the project topic and interested in the sustainability of the project results in a working context by tourism actors.

The main objectives of the Multiplier event were reached, not only regarding the dissemination of the project and its results but also in terms of increasing awareness on the project results, promoting the game, mobile app and engage more persons to learn more on the subject; equip participants and trainers with skills on how to use diverse learning activities, technology, intercultural skills and how to ensure favorable training conditions. Last but not least, empowering participants on how to help with inclusion of students and youth of foreign background.

Local Press covered the event and the youth workers of CCIF Cyprus Pan Michaels and Klea Neofytou talked about the event at “Kiriaki Mesimeri” of the national TV PIK1.