How to turn ideas into reality?

This is the title of one of the workshops within the framework of the ECHE Project training, which took place in July this year in the Estonian city – Tartu. Within the framework of this event, every day we got to know new places, creative companies, interesting people and Estonian culture. On the fourth day, we have just visited the Idea Lab University, which aims at active and practical teaching of entrepreneurship and supporting its students in their activities. There was a workshop ,,How to turn ideas into reality?”, which was conducted by Mrs. Maret Ahonen. We worked in groups and looked for creative solutions to a specific problem.

How do I start? Is it worth doing something more? Is it worth the risk? These questions are often bothering young people… Mrs. Maret Ahonen confronted them and showed that every person has something (skill, ability, knowledge, quality,…), that can contribute to the creation of something interesting.

If you have an idea and interesting people around you (different than you, but with whom you complement), try to turn ideas into reality (even if you don’t succeed immediately, it will be a new, enriching experience that will be the basis for your  later activities!). Don’t  start with business plans (it will be time for that)… but first, ask people for their opinions and look for new solutions, this is the key to success!