Cultural heritage workshop

The goal of meeting is to share knowledge about cultural heritage and cultural diversity with youngsters and to help them to develop their content knowledge within this topic area.

Workshop starts with the introduction of what is cultural heritage and why is it important to preserve it. Participants are introduced into tangible and non tangible types of cultural heritage.  The purpose is to go deeper into the idea of culture by having participants explore and discuss tangible and intangible aspects of culture. Participants should be encouraged to think about everything from clothing to value systems.

Learning Outcomes:

Demonstrate the different aspects of culture;

Identify tangible and intangible cultural elements;

Inspire entrepreneurial thinking in cultural heritage context.

In small groups participants have to work on the idea where they shall present enterprise that is related to cultural heritage as well as is capable to sustain itself.

Participants shall find ways to cooperate, share ideas, listen and hear each other. This is a great way to get to know each other better while working in team. Leader shall pay attention to the process and assure involvement of every member of the team.

Suggestion questions if you notice that someone is not actively participating in the activity:

What do you think about the idea? Maybe we shall concentrate on cultural heritage places in your area? Your thoughts are very important, please share. In this exercise, it is crucially important that youngsters are working as a group and are capable to operate together. They shall think of the skills that they have and in what best way this skill can serve the enterprise.

Presentation to others on a big flipchart paper or PPT.

Suggestions for the questions to follow up:

Why did you choose this specific cultural heritage area?

How will you attract people to your business?

How this business supports cultural heritage?

If you decide to implement it, what is your first step?