Multiplier Event in Greece

The Greek multiplier event of European Cultural Heritage project entitled “The meeting point of cultural heritage entrepreneurship” was conducted in June of 2021 to disseminate the results of the project and to introduce the Cultural Heritage Entrepreneurship to the local community. We promoted the event on Facebook, through email, and among our local contacts. The

Become a cultural heritage entrepreneur – ECHE Multiplier Event @ Petit Pas

The italian multiplier event of European Cultural Heritage project entitled “Become a cultral heritage entrepreneur” was conducted in May 2021 to disseminate the results of the project in order to facilitate a dialogue, a learning experience among target groups with the support of innovative tools, to share useful information to approach the labour market and

Multiplier Event in Paphos

The Multiplier Event “Lets be the Architect of our Life” for ECHE Erasmus+ project (2018-2-CY02-KA205-001313) has successfully taken place in Pafos on 11/4/21. The event was held to disseminate the results and innovative tools of the ECHE project, among youth, youth workers, local authorities, municipality counselor, stakeholders, teachers, volunteers, mentors, local media, representatives of local

Policy suggestions from ECHE project

One of the final outputs of the ECHE project that has recently been finalised is the Policy paper. It unites various perspectives generated during the run of the project and, based on that, synthetizes policy suggestions. The paper includes accounts and insights generated during a project training (conducted in Estonia), gives outlines of the other

UT News article #1

Developments in the course of the project During the run of the ECHE project, Estonia received a piece of good news directly related to the topic of cultural heritage. Tartu, a city in Southern Estonia where the national University of Tartu, a project partner, is based, won the privilege to become the European Capital of

Culture that inspires

“Culture night” is a one-night cultural festival in Vilnius, which is the capital of Lithuania. This festival occurs annually in June or July. Nevertheless in 2020, due to global pandemic situation it is planned to be moved to autumn. Festival will welcome guests with slogan “Culture that inspires”. The Culture Night in Vilnius has been

Lithuania and Cultural Heritage

The largest part of Lithuania’s cultural heritage consists of archaeological, urban and architectural items. Archaeological and mythological heritage sites are situated all over the country by a great diversity: mounds, ancient ramparts and defensive fortifications, ruins and remains of buildings, places of religious worship, etc. Urban values ​​include historic old towns, historic parts of cities,

DIGITAL COMMUNICATION In the service of Cultural Heritage

In every day life, does innovation seem distant? New skills linked to Cultural Heritage support the ways of living and help developping the local communities. ECHE project supports the Cultural Heritage and promotes the innovation by bringing together local actors and youth for new entrepreneurial friendly solutions and capacity development of cultural players. Young persons

ENTERPRENEURIAL Skills related to Cultural Heritage In the service of Cultural Heritage

The GAME “Be the Architect of your Life” reinforces Cultural Heritage enterprise management and local sustainable development. The built scenarios develop business routes related to CH. The gamers stimulate job potentials, develop skills, competences and know-how. The gamers can self assessed through playing. The developped game is bridging the gap between creativity, culture, enterpreneurial culture

Cultural heritage workshop

The goal of meeting is to share knowledge about cultural heritage and cultural diversity with youngsters and to help them to develop their content knowledge within this topic area. Workshop starts with the introduction of what is cultural heritage and why is it important to preserve it. Participants are introduced into tangible and non tangible