Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a Business Design tool capable of visually representing your business idea, allowing you to evaluate its effectiveness in a practical and simple way.

Through the Business Model Canvas, in fact, you will be able to visually represent the business model of a company, that is, the way it creates, captures and distributes value. Unlike other tools and models to represent the business (such as the business plan), the BMC allows you to understand the functioning of the company represented in a very intuitive way, as even the most complex elements can be represented and inserted into the business model canvas in a very simple and spontaneous way.

On-line you can find many resources to deepen the use of the canvas model and numerous examples of compiled Canvas representing success stories.

The model we used to create the “Digital for life” E-book (click here to download), takes inspiration from the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Canvas, but has elements of origin designed specifically for the presentation of projects in the cultural field.

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